Enterprise Architecture

Future-proof your technology vision. Save costs. Achieve objectives.

Do you have a blueprint that defines the structure and operation of your enterprise? One that supports your current and future technology and growth objectives?

We provide architectural advice for organisations with ERP-centric systems. Our consultants have worked at sites with as few as 50 users, to sites with over 10,000 users all over the world.

Technology solutions tailored to meet business needs

Fusion5’s end-to-end capabilities enable us to develop architecture customised to best meet an organisation’s needs. We ensure our customers have the technology in place to meet both short and long-term goals.

Our consultants focus on your requirements to create a statement of work and define clear deliverables. We always ensure that the solution or service meets your standards, and suits your technology and business requirements.

JD Edwards consolidation planning

Multinational businesses need to understand the technical challenges of consolidating their multiple instances of JD Edwards into a single instance. We engage with you to conceptualise the solution, estimate costs and recommend how the solution can be achieved.

Our team of senior Enterprise Architecture consultants install, configure and design Oracle JD Edwards solutions.

Advanced performance and load testing

We have worked with many organisations (both remotely or onsite) to perform and coordinate complex load testing with representatives from your organisation.

End-to-end testing is designed and executed, and you receive feedback on performance at all application, database and middleware layers. We also provide recommendations on how to best deploy resources to improve performance.

 Project governance

An independent technical advisor can be a valuable resource to assist your senior management to make decisions impacting ERP implementations and upgrades. We provide you with the confidence that the correct method to execute tasks is utilised, resulting in significant cost savings during the project while making day-to-day business more efficient.

Our consultants bring their wide knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices. With over 80 upgrades under our belt, we have the answers.

Consultants you can count on

Our consultants ensure that all design and coding standards are adhered to. They ensure sizing, hardware and software choices are appropriate, assist in cloud evaluation exercises, check estimates and advise on changes to scope and ensure that your steering committee is happy with the technical decisions and progress of the project.

Upgrade performance tuning

When an upgrade involves cloud migration, big data or complex code, we can speed up the process. We assist customers with our “out of the square” thinking and provide recommendations on how to get the job done more quickly, and ensure that all reconciliations are correct.

5-year planning

To make the most of your ERP now and in the future, it’s important to create a plan. We can prepare budgets for upgrades, tool releases and enhancements. Our plans also highlight the benefits you’ll experience at each stage, so all your stakeholders will be happy.


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