Industry Training Management


Improve engagement. Increase re-enrolment. Drive completion.

"Smart-TMS provides New Zealand’s Industry Training Organisations with an integrated hub across the enterprise and training functions including integration to TEC, NZQA and MOE. Smart-TMS is used by some of our largest local ITOs; it allows them to quickly adapt and cater to different industry training requirements."

Sven Martin, Executive Director, Fusion5

Easy to configure, fully-featured, compliant and cost-effective, Smart-TMS is the only off-the-shelf solution designed for New Zealand ITOs.

Why start from scratch? It's costly in terms of both time and money to integrate all the business systems you need to develop your own industry training management solution. 

Built on the highly flexible Pivotal platform, Smart-TMS is a purpose-designed trainee and customer relationship management solution for New Zealand ITOs.

Smart-TMS leverages the success of some of our most significant local ITOs who are already using Pivotal while offering all the benefits of a flexible, configurable and scalable environment. It provides best-of-breed training, customer, progress management and course management functionality for all facets of a modern and dynamic ITO.

Gain insight into trainee performance

Help your trainees overachieve by monitoring their progress in real time.

You’ll have instant access to progress reporting so you know if they are lagging behind or failing to perform, so you can step in and help. With automated alerts and communication, you’ll lift the level of trainee engagement, improve completion rates and increase re-enrolment numbers for further skill development.

Get more operational smarts

Smart-TMS is designed to be flexible and adapt to ITOs specific needs without any customisation or complex programming. Your in-house super users can manage changes to reduce costs and ensure the solution reflects your evolving needs.

Self-service portals provide employers, assessors and trainees with real-time access to their information, making it easier for your customers to do business with you.

Naturally, Smart-TMS is fully integrated with NZQA and TEC.

What do you want to do?

Accelerate your time-to-market?

Bring your courses and training programs to market sooner—and smarter – by leveraging effective segmentation, optimised regional training and account management teams, and high impact communication and marketing campaigns.

Improve completion rates?

Deliver a personalised engagement experience for each student with automated alerts and regular communications. Encourage further achievement, or identify where progress has slowed or stopped.

Increase re-enrolment?

Encourage re-enrolment and/or ongoing skill development with unprecedented visibility of profitability and cross-sell or up-sell opportunities based on course roadmaps or learning pathways.

Gain operational insight?

Improve visibility into trainee and customer performance against training and skill development plans to showcase training ROI.

Improve business agility?

Influence new course and training program development by understanding the top-performing training programs and roadblocks to progress.

Improve efficiency through customer access to self-service?

Make it happen quick-smart! Offer customers the ability to register for courses online, submit assessments, and review progress.


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