Spring Update - Dynamics 365 for Field Service

I'm going to say it. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is one of my favourite Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps. We have had some amazing success with customers rolling this out and they are just at the beginning of what's possible.

And really, who doesn’t love the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the ability to ingest data at scale, reason over it and proactively take action on what is discovered? That’s some powerful stuff!

The latest Spring '18 update of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, is really a follow through from previous releases, with tweaking, small feature additions, and enhancements.

The key announcements here are:

  • Field service app enhancements
  • Unified Interface adoption
  • Ability to add 3D content. Wait…what! Yup, 3D assets on a customer record

  • Updates to the Universal Resource Scheduling
  • Updates to Resource Scheduling Optimization, including ability to run simulations and enforce skill levels

And then my favourite piece, Connected Field Service (IoT), with a bunch of enhancements.

"Connected Field Service helps service organizations proactively detect, troubleshoot, and resolve service
issues so a technician is dispatched only when necessary. Organizations can enable IoT alerts, device fault
states, and preventive maintenance notifications to let field service managers or technicians know when to
create a new case, create a work order, send commands to control customer assets remotely, prepare parts
needed for a repair, or take other actions."

I am still interested to see where Microsoft will take Dynamics 365 for Field Service, and am really keen to know if/when they will move the mobile app into the fold, i.e. using a standard mobile app Vs the current Resco mobile framework? But I think small tweaks, and additions are all we could expect in this release, given Microsoft's primary focus for this update on critical areas of security and privacy in relation to Europe's General Data Protection Regulation.


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