Users are Customers Too

D365 for Customer Service

Improving UI & UX for a more enjoyable Customer Service Delivery experience

Customer Service has had a huge focus from Microsoft in previous releases and had a lot of investment in bring the features and functions up to data and in line with modern customer service platforms. In the latest Spring '18 update of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service the focus has been more subtle, working on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

While there may not be a lot to write home about, those that live and breathe Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (and the many people who spend all day in it to serve their customers) will be pleased to see enhancements to some key areas:

  • Customer Service Hub application for case and knowledge management

  • Business Process Flow enhancements, including ability to support floating and docked modes

Enhancements to reference panel tab for accessing and finding knowledge and other related data

Support for authoring, searching, publishing, and translating knowledge articles

Along with these core optimisations, Microsoft has also invested further in strengthening their Portals capability, including new tools and functions for better managing and troubleshooting.

I think for now, and over at the least then next couple of release cycles, we will see more of the same when it comes Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. That is, very welcomed refinement and enhancements of what is a great core platform. I think we will also see Microsoft starting to infuse more intelligence into omni-channel customer service; it will be interesting to see where the CaféX relationship goes and when the Bots take over, building on the great progress Microsoft has been making on Conversations-as-a-Platform (CaaP) through its work on natural language processing AI technologies.

Written by Dan Sykes
CTO - Customer Experience Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics


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